Monday, 15 October 2018

New Girly Lipbalms

Ten points if you can spot my cute phone case in the photo! Haha. Lipbalms. I could end up buying so many and collecting them until my make-up drawer overflows but I promised myself to finish two lipbalms and replace them with two other pretty ones. I have been eyeing up the cute Ted Baker skincare at Boots for a while now and I knew I had to pick up a lipbalm and talk about packaging goals! I still haven't thrown the box away. What is it about packaging hoarding?! Drifting away from the review but I don't know why I cannot part away from cutely packaged make-up.

Ted Baker Blush Pink Lipbalm 9g £5.00 from Boots (link)
Quite a show stopper, a gorgeous lipbalm that screams class and well, makes your other lipbalms look basic. The balm is housed in a very sturdy square shaped pot with a rose gold lid and 'Ted Baker' engraved on the top. A very delicately rose fragranced balm that comforts and hydrates the lips well. The pot is quite weighty and looks great on my dresser too! I really like this balm and I am so glad I picked this up. So far I have been using this before bed and I love how it looks on my bedside table. I'm really enjoying this lipbalm alot lately, it hydrates my lips and leaves them feeling as soft as rose petals. I definitely think it's worth the price, this would make a great stocking filler too or even as a perfect little treat for yourself.

Body Collection Strawberry Flavour Lipsalve £0.89p from Bodycare
After picking up a much luxurious and richer balm, I needed something for an everyday and often use. I pretty much have been applying this alot during the day and it does the job really well. A super moisturising balm that smells like sweet strawberries and it was on sale too! I really loved the pastel pink packaging and the elegant italic font, it really caught my attention whilst browsing all of the lip products. I should of bought two!! I also find that this preps the lips well prior to using any lip gloss or matte lipstick. Though the balm is white in colour, this does not transfer onto the lips. Which is a huge relief! Some balms or lip butters can leave a horrible white mask over the lips but not this one. A real gem.

Do you have a go-to lipbalm? 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Lovisa Jewellery Review

I love accessories, from wearing dainty pieces to shopping around and just taking in the colours visually. I usually only shop at Accessorize but I found myself visiting Lovisa after discovering them on Instagram and then online. Luckily there was a branch in Birmingham and boy! Was I amazed! Everything was so pleasing to look at. All the accessories were organised by colour and hue. I wanted it all. Lovisa stocks everything from minimalistic stud earrings to the most extravagant statement necklaces and earrings. 

As much as I love statement earrings/necklaces I didn't have any special occasion coming up  to buy anything and it's not something you could wear everyday so I browsed the studs section and I did not leave empty handed.

Lovisa had an offer, you could pick five items from the selected range and it would cost £8. There was a huge range of studs and rings so I picked the following: Pastel heart earrings - £1.50, Peacock feather earrings - £1.50, Green stud earrings - £1.50, Dark blue satin earrings - £2.50 and a Gold and black aztec detailed ring - £4.00. 5 for £8 otherwise it would of costed me £11.00 which I think is a pretty good deal. I have already worn the ring and three of the earrings and it really feels like good quality. There has been no irritation and the jewellery hasn't changed colour or tarnished. I used to have problems with Primark jewellery and I stopped going there for accessories. I am so happy that I finally got to wear some pieces from Lovisa, next time I am hoping to buy a few bigger pieces that I can keep in my collection and definitely from the pink collection... Surprise surprise.

Out of the five items my favourite pieces would have to be the pastel pink heart earrings *adorable alert* and the gold/black aztec inspired ring.

Have you shopped at Lovisa?

Monday, 1 October 2018

Unicorn Cosmetics Unboxing

Calling all pastel/unicorn/make-up lovers!!  Have I got a stunning unboxing to show you all today! Today's post features the brand - Unicorn Cosmetics and unless you have been living under the rock, this is the company you need to look out for because they truly mean business!!

Unicorn Cosmetics screams SASS, individuality and pastel dreams. What's not to love?! I was recently sent a huge ol' box of goodies from the team at UC and I could not tell you how pretty and how insanely amazing the attention to detail was! Originally it was called Unicorn Lashes but the company are now diving into trying other things and bringing out unique make-up products that you wouldn't want to share with anyone! Mel (the owner of UC) has truly created game changers and even caused her infamous Unicorn Brushes to go viral and start the unicorn craze, yes. It all started here.

I was lovingly sent a range of the most popular products, Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes Set* Unicorn Gloss Holo Milky Way Lip Topper*  Unicorn Lashes in Forget Me Not* and Clementine* Once I opened the very purple bespoke box, I wowed at the amazing illustration inside the box. It's by an artist called Kurtis Rykovich. There were some very informative and cutely coloured cards and my four products. Read below about each one of them and their awesomeness...

Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes* £45 10 piece set with diamond bag

This gorgeous iridescent set contains 10 unicorn brushes in a pretty holographic diamond case so you can easily store and carry your brushes. These brushes are made from synthetic taklon and are vegan and cruelty free!
This whole set contains every type of brush you could possibly need. It contains: ‘Buff Up’ Flat top foundation brush, revamped with densely packed bristles for flawless application,‘Chisel Cheeks’ Sculpting contour brush, revamped with densely packed bristles for sensational sculpting,‘Bare Faced Blush’ Blusher brush,‘Fleeky Brows’ Angled brow brush, ‘Strobe Alert’ Fan brush,‘Whisp Me Away Powder Brush,‘Spot It’ Concealer brush,‘Blending is my Cardio’ Blending eyeshadow brush,‘On Cloud Glitter’ Packing eyeshadow brush and ‘CreaseProof’ Crease eyeshadow brush. I will be doing a separate post on these so that you get to know about this set in more detail but all in all a brush set that definitely does it all. Super soft bristles that blends any pigment and cream like a dream and soft pastel candy coloured bristles really gives this set something to talk about! 

Unicorn Lashes in Forget Me Not* £9.99 and Clementine* £9.99

Unicorn Lashes are what started this beautiful company and I have to admit the packaging really does catch your eye. The pretty pastel pink and sky blue colours look amazing together and the box is actually really sturdy and of good quality too. They stock every kind of eyelashes, from natural everyday ones to full on drama and night out lashes. If you are looking for lashes that can be reused and are vegan too, then this is really the only place you need to look. I am so happy with both of my lashes. I don't really wear lashes because they seem so fiddly and can be quite an effort to put on but I am so excited to give these a shot.  All of the lashes are made out of synthetic silk and can be used upto 15 times if cared for properly. if you look online, you will also find a handy eye guide that tells you if your eye shape will match well with the lashes. Neat.

Unicorn Gloss Holo Milky way Lip Topper £13.99*

And last but not the least, meet Unicorn Cosmetics's first ever make-up product. The Unicorn Gloss - Holo Milky Way Lip Topper! What a way to launch the first ever make-up product by introducing a new game changer to the entire make-up world! This holographic lip topper will change the way you wear your favourite lippie. For best results use a matte lip product and dab this onto the lips rather than using a swiping motion. This will easily create more depth to your lip colour and add a striking shine which will get everyone asking what you are wearing. A fabulous product to have in your collection and the packaging is just GOALS!

So this was my initial reaction/thoughts and unboxing post for Unicorn Cosmetics, I will be typing up three separate in-depth reviews of the brush set, lipgloss topper and lashes very soon because I couldn't possibly cover all of the fabulous-ness in one post.

 Unicorn Cosmetics, you have won my heart!