Monday, 24 August 2015

Beauty Hack #1 The Many Uses Of Vaseline*

Ever wondered how many uses there are for Vaseline? Well, you have come to the right place because I am going to share with you my list of uses that some in so handy.

Protect skin from hair colourants
Simply apply it around the hairline to prevent any skin staining, just wipe it off after and you'll be ready to go!
Use as an all-over body moisturiser
Apply onto any dry skin areas, perfect for rough elbows, knees and even hands!
Prevent nail varnish marks
Apply around the nail bed before painting your nails, this acts as a barrier so no varnish will get on your skin, win! (a personal fave)
Get long lashes
Many people swear by this trick! Apply every night before bed and over time you will have longer, stronger and thicker lashes.
Make your own lip colour
Another personal favourite, simply choose a coloured pigment (old eyeshadows or lipsticks) and mix it with a small amount of vaseline on your hand to create your own custom lip shade.
Prevent razor burn
Apply a little to your legs after shaving, it will both sooth and smooth them!
Make your perfume last longer
Apply a small amount on pulse points before spraying your favourite scent, it really does make it last longer.
Make a DIY lip scrub
Simply add in some sugar granules and scrub away, works just like a commercial lip scrub.
Smooth hair
use it to tame frizz and seal split ends and even to keep unruly brows in place.
Help stubborn studs glide in
If you don't wear earrings often, those holes can become troublesome so rub a small amount onto your ear lobes and the earring to help it slide in painlessly.
Acts as a gentle eye make-up remover
Makeup remover can be expensive and tough on your eyes. Vaseline is an inexpensive option that easily and gently removes eyeliner, mascara, shadow, and even any eyelash glue that your falsies leave behind.

Bows and Pearls did a little collab with the lovely illustrator - Genevieve Edwards and you can check out her work here, she illustrated me (see below and spot the Vaseline I'm holding!) I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you Genevieve!

So there you have it! If you have or know of any hacks with Vaseline then do share them by commenting below! I would love to know how you use this excellent multi-purpose product! I also want to mention that First Utility is currently doing a life hacks campaign where you can discover ways in making your life easier, check it out here link

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

DIY: Funfetti Mug Cake

I love cake but I love cake even more when it's prepared within moments, In today's post I'll be sharing my easy funfetti mug cake recipe which literally is as easy as 123. You'll thank me later when you get those midnight sugar cravings hehe, perfect for anyone that has a sweet tooth!

You'll need:
Your favourite mug
1 tsp butter
1 egg
Self raising flour
White chocolate chips
Rainbow sprinkles
Vanilla extract

Step 1)
In a mug, melt the butter with the white chocolate chips in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

Step 2)
Once cooled, add in the egg, flour, vanilla extract and sprinkles.

Step 3)
Cook in the microwave for around a minute, keep checking and once you see the cake batter rise, it's done!

It really is as easy as that, I did not have self raising flour at hand so I just added a bit of baking powder to help the batter rise. You can also add any toppings that you like, I personally feel that the white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles go so well together so it's worth a try.
The finished mug cake is warm, moist and oh so delicious! Kind of like a hug in a mug.

Let me know if you try this recipe out, Would love to see if you recreate it!

Monday, 10 August 2015

June Purrfectbox* Review

This review features

A few weeks ago a very special delivery arrived at Bows and Pearls HQ, The lovely team over at Purrfectbox got in touch with me again to see if I (and Shonu) wanted to review another box, and of course, how could I have refused?!
Purrfectbox is a monthly subscription service for cats (secretly, I enjoy it too) cat lady alert
Each box contains 5-6 top quality toys, treats, grooming tools and even training essentials. With each box, there is a theme which is quite neat. This month's theme was 'The Cat's The Boss!' which I think is perfectly suited for my cat, Shonu since she's forever strutting around the house and she sure knows how to make me spoil her.
Here's what was included in the box:
1x Valerian Cuddle Knot by 4Cats
1x Treats from Animal Farm
1x Chicken Fillet Bites from Trixie
1x Tunnel Armitage
1x Catnip Spray from HappyPet
1x Bouncy Balls from Camon

Valerian Cuddle Knot
This particular toy surprised me because Shonu instantly loved it, and by instantly I mean, she was rollin' around with it and biting it like crazy. She had a good 10 minutes of hyper play with this and trust me it was quite a show to watch. This cuddle knot needs to be tried out by your furry feline if you haven't already! Such a fun toy! This also has a strong scent to us humans but for cats the scent is very appealing, an interesting product.

Treats from Animal Farm
It's no surprise that Shonu would devour these in moments! These catnip filled treats sure went down quick. I love how she just comes running when she hears the packet being opened. The resealable pouch makes it easy to keep these treats fresh. Another win!

Chicken Fillet Bites from Trixie
Another huge favourite for Shonu! This was the first time I offered her dried meat treats and she loved it! She also comes running for these and as cute as she may be, I try not to give her so much. But in the end, she always wins! D'oh!

Tunnel Armitage
I have been meaning to get this for Shonu and it sure was a lovely item to add to the box. The pop up tunnel is lined with cream fur and has a ball attached onto one end. This makes a great addition to her toy collection and it's the perfect cozy place to hide in too.

Catnip Spray
A new item to try, this spray is a brilliant invention because this is such an easy way to revive old toys, simply spray this onto unused toys and watch your cat play. I did test this out and it actually worked! Shonu seems to 'forget' her older toys so this spray is great since it encourages active play.

Bouncy Balls
These soft spongy balls were perfect for Shonu to chew on and play, she just did not get tired chasing them as I threw both balls one by one, no doubt this will be loved by any cat. I personally love how colourful they are.

Each Purrfectbox contains a magazine and it covers interesting facts to mini DIY projects which adds a lovely touch to the whole package.
If you are interested in this, this is a monthly subscription service that costs only £19.90 a month, it's also a commitment free service so you can opt for a month or two if you are not completely sure. Filling in your details are really easy and each box is custom made for your cat which is lovely too. What's even great is that Purrfectbox is currently running a promotion where your first box is free!

Check them out here 
Love this but have a dog? They also run the same subscription service but for dogs called Pawsomebox which you can check out here

What do you think of pet subscription boxes?