Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Confectionery Inspired Lipbalms

It's like pic n mix but without the calories...
When confectionery/beverages and lipbalms combine, you can expect fun and flavoured lip products coupled with a novelty factor.

If you know me well, you'll know that I am a HUGE lip balm hoarder and if it's cute, I gotta get my paws on it. I have owned and used quite a fair amount of lipsmacker lip balms too but this was the first ever time I had tried a fun bunch of balms.
There is certainly something for everyone. Some of the top sweets/candy and beverage brands that are included are as follows: Jelly Belly, Pepsi, Hershey's, Wonka and even Reeses!

I was lovingly sent a range to try out and I was very impressed with what I had received. I received four outrageously cute and yummy flavours: Jelly Belly in Berry Blue, Hershey's, Hershey's kisses and Reese's.
No doubt the packaging of each of the lipbalms definitely does catch your eye. It's fun, bright and the same as the packaging you would find on the actual confectionery/beverage.

Scent-wise I was BLOWN AWAY. Like, literally! Each of the lipbalm smelt exactly like the label. One of my favourite chocolates is Hershey's and truly had the same aroma that you smell once you rip open a Hershey's bar or a packet of Hershey's Kisses. Mind-blown.

What I particularly loved about the some of the balms was the colour pay-off. The Hershey's duo had the most colour to them. I wasn't expecting the lip balms to have any colour but it sure finishes off the lip balm because it colours and tints the lips a beautiful wash of deep red/brown. Perfect for lazy days when you want instant hydration and colour at the same time. The Reese's and the Jelly Belly lipbalms gave more sheen rather than colour, which I'm quite glad about since I don't think I'll be able to rock an orange or a blue lip.

Overall, I definitely think these are worth checking out, if you're like me and favour the sweeter things in life then go grab a few! These also look pretty darn cute thrown into my make-up bag too!

Available to buy at Claires / from £3.50

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Accessorize Wishlist

Top row from L to R: Paper rose hairclips, Vintage cocktail ring and Sweet lotus handcream.
Bottom row from L to R: Lip trio keyring, Tropi-cool large notebook and super cute blue stud earrings.

Accessorize have currently got such cute and summary stock, I popped in store recently and I have to admit there were so many cute lil bits and bobs that I wanted and here are a few of the things that really caught my eye.

First up the paper rose hair clips! These are SO cute and it will look amazing in the hair. I can totally imagine myself adding one or a few into a hairstyle. Such minimal but lovely hair accessories, A must for rose flower lovers.
I love a bit of vintage and ethnic jewellery pieces and this ring can definitely finish off any outfit. I love a turquoise and gold combination and you can never have enough rings. EVER.
I fell in love with Accessorize's beauty section, particularly due to the fact that it all had such gorgeous floral packaging, so cath kidston-esque. The hand creams look pretty good and I definitely want to try a scent out.
I LOVE lipbalms and I am always collecting cute ones and the lip trio was so calling my name, not only are the balms pink but they have a sweet and summery scent, my favourite out of the three is the one shaped like an ice lolly.
I am such a stationery addict and I seem to hoard notebooks the most. The tropical print is so colourful and the only excuse that I can think of is that I do not own a notebook that has a tropical/botanical print, haha!
Lastly, I love blue accessories and these blue studs are simply my kinda thing. Accessorize do such beautiful stud sets and I know I will be picking up a set or two but the only problem is which colour/design scheme to go for.

What do you usually buy from Accessorize?

Monday, 30 May 2016

Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb Review

It had been a while since I last had a Lush bath, particularly due to the previous short spell of warmer weather here in the UK, but recently the weather turned grey and cold (surprise surprise) and well, less summery so it was the perfect time to pop in a bath bomb and turn it into a well earned girly pamper sesh.

Product description:
No thinking cap is needed to realise that this candy-flowered bath companion truly adores you. Pop it into warm water and revel in the pinkened sweet tonka and comforting Fair Trade vanilla pool that unfolds. A sunny note of neroli oil complements soothing lavender to create a cheerful, yet calming heart-spangled soak.

This was the first ever time, I tried out the Think Pink bath bomb and I have seen and heard so many good things about it.
I'm so glad I finally tried out this cute lil bomb, it's a must have for all pink lovers out there!
This bath bomb is much smaller in size than the standard bath bombs in Lush, making it a cuter and a much more affordable treat than the rest of the bath bombs.
It's hard to miss this product when you're browsing in store. The hot fuchsia pink screams attention and the candy flower decorations finish off the bath bomb perfectly.
As soon as I dropped this into my bath, it was a stunning sight! A pink explosion coupled with confetti hearts! I had no idea it contained confetti so this was the highlight for me. The heart confetti was made out of paper and stayed until I had finished. I don't know about you but now I think that every bath bomb from Lush should contain confetti!
This is very sweet smelling and would go great with the creamy candy bubble bar, one to pick up if you LOVE sweet scents. This was such a comforting bath too, thanks to the Vanilla and Lavender it definitely made me feel more at ease and really relaxed too.
It even gets better, yup! There was NO stainages left over which was pretty darn amazing since you would expect it to leave behind some pink stains. All you really have to do is rinse away the confetti and that's not as back breaking.

I am so so impressed and I cannot recommend this lil cutie enough! it's pink, smells of sweeties and contains confetti. I say grab one or maybe five.

Check it out here: link / £2.65

Have you tried the Think Pink bath bomb?