Monday, 24 September 2018

Lush Christmas 2018 My Top Girly Picks

The only collection from Lush that I actually look forward to is the Christmas collection. Simply because they release such a vast amount of products and they just happen to be extra sparkly, which I LOVE!
This year, Lush have released a super adorable line of products and as well as bringing back the ever popular and loved Shoot for the stars, golden wonder, butterbear and Snow Fairy, I was super excited to see some of their newest products and this year did not disappoint! I have chosen 5 products that are new and if I was to buy anything from Lush this year, it would be from this fabulous bunch!

From L to R:

Princess Bomb Bomb/ Bath Bomb £9.95 each 
Well isn't this the show stopper of the whole collection, I literally gasped when I saw this online. It is on the pricier side but I really like how this looks. It's actually two bath bombs that you are supposed to use together. This is one of the bath bombs from the mini range, there are two others, a snowman and a santa. This bath product promises to de-stress and comfort you. A perfect treat to use before bed or as a little pick me up.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner £8.95 each
Not gonna lie but I added this into my top five simply because it's pastel pink and has some added shimmer in the product too. A well loved scent at Christmas, but this body conditioner is said to really condition the skin, thanks to the added Avocado and Mango Butter. This will really lather up to create sweetly scented bubbles. 

Perle De Sel/ Bath Bomb £4.95 each
If there were any classy bath bombs out there then this would be it! I REALLY love how this one looks, it literally looks like glistening fresh water pearls! This bath bomb has it all. It will relax, pamper and sooth you. The rose absolute will sooth and tone while the added sea salt will gently cleanse the skin. This sounds so dreamy, I will definitely be picking up one... or two!

Candy Mountain Yule Log/Bubble Bar £3.95 each
Looks like they have redesigned this one, who remembers the white swirl around it? I think I preferred that design but this is back and with the added fair trade Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter this will definitely moisturise and soften the skin intensely. The vanilla in this means it's perfect for you if you are into sweeter scents, the pink colour also looks vivid and amazing.

Cheery Christmas/ Bath Bomb £3.95 each
To finish off my top picks I added this bath bomb into my list, a super pink bath bomb with added Sicilian Lemon and Blackcurrant scented Buchu to uplift your senses and instantly change your mood. This sounds like it will be popular bath bomb this year. Again, I am loving the pink, the added shimmer and the snowflake design finishes off the product nicely.

What are you loving from this year's collection? View the whole range here! - Click on the sparkle emoji! 

Monday, 17 September 2018

Girly Pamper Session *The Proper Way*

A weekly pamper session is a must. No questions asked. Pamper sessions are a great way to unwind and to let yourself renew and prepare for the busy week ahead. Now there are normal and small pamper sessions where you just chuck on a face mask and your're done, and then there are the proper pamper sessions where you go all out and do the whole routine. This is exactly what I am going to share with you, From products I use to what I choose to snack on. It's all covered in this post.

I first light a candle and then I like to pick and choose all of my products and lay them all out. I usually start off by picking a face mask from my beauty drawer. I keep all kinds of masks, mud masks, peel off masks and lately I have been collecting and loving sheet masks so this time I opted for a Korean brightening sheet mask. I then choose a nail polish. Though it can be hard at times, I opted for a cute bubblegum pink from Essence Cosmetics. Nails painted and face mask on...

I then get comfortable and write in my diary and this is usually accompanied with a huge bag of pick n mix sweeties! I wait for my face mask to do it's thing and wait for my nails to dry so what better way to kill time by jotting down some ideas or writing down what happened during the day.

Once I let my nails dry properly, I then apply my lotions and potions. A good night cream, eye cream and lip balm. I am currently loving the Burt's Bees night cream, Estee Lauder eye cream and my trusty rose nivea lip balm. Both creams work really well together and I wake up with dewy and fresher looking skin. Don't forget a hand cream too! I always keep one on my bedside table. I'm currently loving Soap and Glory's hand food.

Now this will really tie up the pamper session nicely, I received the cutest little parcel from Naomi who owns the Superpeach boutique and they have the cutest and the most unique looking lingerie, ever! I was lovingly sent a pair, the Maria* is a gorgeous black pair of knickers. It's all about the little things, I really loved how she went all out there with the packaging. The knickers were wrapped in light pink tissue paper which was adorned with a white bow and there were some white synthetic rose petals for extra cuteness. The Maria has a floral print that is covered in lovely black frills and is finished off with two satin black bows. If this doesn't scream class then I don't know what does. These are super comfortable and super stretchy, perfect for lounging in! Superpeach also stock a fabulous array of items that would make a perfect gift for someone or for yourself. They have got it all! From cute hair accessories to stationery and keyrings. Each item is beautiful and it's great because everything is in one place.

It's important to slip into something that will make you feel that extra bit special, all I need now are some pink silky pyjamas! I guarantee that if you do this whole routine once a week, you will automatically feel great and be ready to take on any task. 

What do you like to do in your pamper session? comment below!

*this post was in collaboration with Superpeach, thank you so much for my Maria knickers, Naomi! I am obsessed with them!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Travel Beauty Essentials

It's always important to pack those mini essentials so that you can travel with ease. I always spend a good 15 minutes to check that I have included everything in my handbag. I thought that I should share three new essentials that I have been loving lately.

My beauty essentials and extras checklist:
Deodorant/body spray, paracetamol, hand sanitiser, headache balm stick (this is a must!) chewing gum, lip balm, a small selection of make-up products including a dark lipstick because you just never know where you'll end up going, hairbrush, mini toothpaste and toothbrush, my personal favourite is the Arm and Hammer simply natural toothpaste* a pack of Femfresh wipes* and lastly a good ol' can of dry shampoo* and you can't beat Batiste, I LOVE the tropical scent!

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 50ml // £1.50* Available at Boots and Superdrug
A great and easy way to freshen up your roots in between washes. I love how easy this is to use and it gives really good volume to the hair too. The scent is very summery and smells of coconut! I have the full size too which I keep in the bathroom but this is the ideal size for on the go. I definitely recommend keeping one of these!

Arm and Hammer Simply Natural Toothpaste 25ml// £1.30* Available at Boots and Superdrug
I already use and love Arm and Hammer but having a small version sure helps. Keeping toothpaste with you is always a good idea, some places may not already keep a toothpaste so it's good to be prepared. This one gently cleans the teeth but leaves it feeling super clean coupled with a dazzling shine.

Femfresh Freshening and Soothing wipes 10pcs //£1.59* Available at Boots
I have never tried these wipes from Femfresh before and what was I doing without it?!! These wipes are PH balanced, super gentle and helps to deodorise and freshen you up down there... Great to have at home, work and to carry around with you. You will instantly feel refreshed and with the added soothing mallow and anti-bacterial calendula, you know it will do the job just fine.

What are your must have beauty travel essentials?