Monday, 30 March 2015

Miss Patisserie Balancing AromaFizz Bath Ball

I am making alot of time for some well deserved pampered sessions and I have seemed to have accumulated ALOT of bath bombs, I was feeling girly so I opted for the Balancing AromaFizz Bath Ball from Miss Patisserie

Product description:
Pretty and pink, this Bath Ball is bursting with notes of rose, pomegranate and rose geranium oil. Known for its balancing qualities, rose geranium is a fantastic mood lifter and makes the world a much rosier place!
This product is filled with real rose petals and blue corn flowers that will float around your bath while you relax and enjoy.

This bath bomb is for the girly girl in you, not only is it a stunning pink colour but it also contains rose petals and blue corn flowers.
When I dropped this into my bath water, it was quite a show to watch. It was as if a colour exploded and as the dried flowers started to emerge, I could tell this was going to be a bath I'll never forget. The bath bomb fizzed and frothed away quickly to leave an almost neon pink colour with a perfect sprinkling of flowers.
There wasn't too many nor was it less, it had just the right amount of flowers to make me feel oh so special.
The scent was amazing! You could really smell the rose and geranium oil. The lovely concoction in this bath bomb is known for it's balancing properties and not only that, this also contains therapeutic benefits as well as some much needed moisturising properties too!
My skin was left feeling soft and smooth and I was feeling so relaxed and I could actually sense the therapeutic side of this bath product because I was feeling more at ease and quite uplifted.
This makes a perfect gift for the girls in your family, trust me they'll love you even more! Bath bombs at Miss Patisserie are lovingly hand pressed and decorated, each product is ensured to be nothing less than the highest ever quality. I am loving these bath bombs and do you want to know the best bit? it did NOT stain my bathtub at all! When I saw the intense coloured water, I really thought that I would have to spend atleast five minutes scrubbing it off but amazingly and rather magically this bath product didn't stain! So all the more reasons to try it out. I without a doubt, recommend Miss Patisserie because it's everything you could ever want from a bath/beauty range! 

Check it out here - link / £3.30* 

Have you tried this bath ball?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Brushes Review

 Powder brush* £16.00 & Concealer brush £7.00*

Ahh NEW make-up brushes! That's one thing I definitely love, since I wear make-up nearly everyday it sure is important to use good quality tools so that your make-up application is quick, easy and helps keep your base looking flawless.
The Vintage Cosmetic Company is becoming well known and a favourite of many! I was lovingly sent two of their face brushes to try out and I was far from being disappointed.
The Vintage Cosmetic Company offers a range of high quality beauty accessories with a unique, feminine 'darling' personality. This company has a 1950's vibe and it all looks so beautiful! Even their webpage is a work of art. I have always loved vintage anything so this was an ideal thing to talk about and review.
I was sent a powder brush and a concealer brush. I switched my everyday brushes so that I can trial these two and boy, was I amazed! I don't think I'll ever go back to my what used to be my favourite concealer brush.

Product descriptions:
This cream Powder brush from The Vintage Cosmetic Company will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Its light, natural bristles help to even out skin tone to give a flawless look. Sweep a loose powder or powder compact across your t-zone and any other oily areas for a matte finish. This brush, which is made from synthetic bristles, is approximately 180mm in length from the tip to the end of the handle.
Use this cream Concealer brush from The Vintage Cosmetic Company to blend away dark circles and hide unwanted blemishes for an even finish.
Instead of dabbing or rubbing sensitive areas underneath your eyes or around blemishes, use our super smooth Concealer brush to hide them. Not only will you avoid spreading spots, you’ll also find that you won’t use as much of your all-important concealer.
The cream Concealer brush, which is made of synthetic bristles is approximately 157mm in length from the tip to the end of the handle.

Packaging wise, it sure looks stunning, each brush comes individually packaged in a see-through box that has a floral print design and the vintage cosmetics company logo on it. The brushes are cream coloured and are labelled with a name using an italic font.
These sure would look pretty on any dresser!
Using the concealer brush was so darn easy! The bristles are quite packed which means you are able to pick up alot of product which also means less product wastage! I was really able to cover my dark circles and blemishes with such precision! The tapered point meant that the brush really goes to in towards the inner corners of the eyes which I was having trouble covering with a previous brush. This concealer brush lets you control the application and with such light movements you can easily and quite quickly cover up those boo boos. 
The powder brush was just as amazing, again it picks up enough product and it is the softest thing ever! This brush ensures that you are just dusting over a face powder rather than caking it on, so your complexion looks natural and quite flawless. Both brushes distributes just the right amount of product so you don't have to worry about looking overly done. There are no bristle fall outs and washing these brushes are easy too!
I am SO impressed with this brand that I am now looking into purchasing some more of the brushes! I definitely recommend these! Well done The Vintage Cosmetic Company!

Check it out here - link and here - link

Have you tried The Vintage Cosmetic Company make-up brushes before?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I Love Strawberries & Cream Hand Cream Review

Hands up if you love fruity scents! I know I do and especially strawberry scents. I was recently sent a fair amount of products from the brand 'I love... cosmetics' and I have been seeing this brand everywhere, from my twitter feed to my favourite blogs. It seemed to be loved by many and I wanted to see if I would join in on their fan club.
I wanted to try out the hand cream first because a) the scent sounds amazing and b) I was already running out of my current go-to hand cream. Let me just tell you now, this has now got a permanent place in my handbag and I will be purchasing a new one because this stuff's AMAZING!

Product description:
Feel scrumptious with a burst of fresh strawberries and smooth yummy cream.
All our new hand lotions include coconut oil & shea butter to help leave your skin feeling gorgeously nourished & fabulously smooth.

I Love... Cosmetics is a fun brand, they lovingly create scented products that not only transports the user to a different place but they also encapsulate the most delicious and delectable scents around! They make everything from bubble bath & shower cremes to lipglosses and lipbalms so there is a wide range to try out. The products also come in scent families, for example if you chose the raspberry and blackberry scent and liked it then it you could choose another skin/body care product in the same scent to try out.
Here's what James Brown, the managing director and creative mastermind behind I Love... had to say about his range:
My passion is for amazing fragrances and the emotional connection created when people are surrounded by fragrances that evoke happy memories and positive emotions in a person’s psyche.
That's what I love about this brand too because I know and love many scents that all have some sort of a memory linked behind them, that's what they believe too, to have a scent that makes you remember something good and make you feel all fuzzy inside.
I'll start off with the packaging, it sure is eye-catching and quite informative too. I love pink packaging on skin/body care products and the font styles used makes you want to pick this up and read it.
Now the scent is literally mind blowing, It smells just like a McDonald's strawberry shake, so fruity, fun and creamy! I don't think I have ever smelt something that smelt exactly like it was labelled. Impressive!
Using this is super quick and mess free, the actual cream itself has a slight gel-like texture which also left my hands feeling cool and refreshed. This does not feel greasy nor does it feel sticky. My hands were left beautifully moisturised and soft. The scent also lingers on which is a plus. When I smell this, it instantly reminds me of long summer drives and of course actually drinking strawberry milkshakes. It's all about the little things.
Such a happy product that I really enjoy using, I honestly think you need to try this out as soon as! It has everything you could possibly ever want from a hand cream and it's budget friendly too!

Check it out here - link / £1.99* for 75ml available to buy online or at your nearest Superdrug.

Have you tried anything from the I Love... Cosmetics range?